Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No Water Nail Marbling

Valentines day is tomorrow and I decided I wanted some pretty nails for the occasion thought of a few different things to do, but finally decided on some pink nail marbling! However the whole water nail marbling look like a real faf! So I came up with my own technique!

All you need for this is a few different colour nail polishes and an old Biro!

Then splodge a drops of each colour on your nail. Using the biro swirl the nail polish around on the nail, so that the whole nail is covered!

This is how it looked once I had done this for each nail, needed a bit of neatening up!

Finally I put a bit of glitter top coat on top! They still need neatening up however round the edges!

Even though you can't see the marbling effect clearly in the last picture it is there! Overall I was really happy with the results and it was super easy! So you should all give it a go!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Awesome New Blog... The Wonderful Wild

I think people should go check out the awesome new blog The Wonderful Wild! If you like cute animals, weird nature and cool places, this new blog is for you!

The Most recent post was about The Quokka!