Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Weekend

This weekend I went to my boyfriends parents house, I had an absolutely lovely weekend! Whilst I was there, it was his mum's and sisters birthdays, so my boyfriend's aunt brought round some awesome boob themed birthday cakes! I also did lots of playing with their adorable dog Eric, enjoyed some loves tequila beer and admired his mums fantastic arty work!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tie dye madness

After watching Kirstie Allsopps home-made Christmas a few weeks ago, I have been obsessed with two things, pom poms and tie dye! So the hunt began for some 100% cotton clothes and dye.

I decided that my first tie dye experience had to be gaudy and garish, I bough bright pink dye and a violet! I bought some white undies and socks from Morrisons, a top from Uniclo and I found and old white beach shirt in the cupboard that I could dye.

How to tie dye-

-First things first prepare you items of clothing, with a ton of elastic bands we tied each items of clothing in different ways, twisting, knotting and swirling. In hindsight though, we tied the socks together in pairs, which was a mistake, it caused the area in the middle, where the socks were touching each other to not pick up the dye very well, leaving them a very light shade of purple instead of the dark purple we had ont he outside of the sock.

- Next we prepared the dye, first dissolving the dye in some water with salt then adding more warm water and stirring continuously for 15 minutes. However more detailed instructions would be on individual packets of dye!

-Then dye your clothes! Pop in your banded up socks, pants and tops and submerge them in the dye and stir every few minutes. One of the tops I wanted to dip dye, so I tied the t-shirt to a bit of string and hung it off the kitchen tap! Leave your clothes in the dye for an hour.

-Finally, rinse your items of clothing, remove the elastic bands and put them in a spin cycle in the washing machine. Once done hang out to dry!

I only have one photo of the final dyed pieces, some of the purple socks! I will put some more photos up of the rest of the clothes soon! they all looked fabulous!

2014 A New Year, a newish me

2013 was mad, I took my finals, graduated, moved to a flat in London, got a fantastic boyfriend and got a graduate job. It was busy, fun, exciting and hugely stressful. I was really hoping 2014 would get off to a more relaxed start, but unfortunately no.

For the last few weeks, shortly after I started my new job I have been feeling hugely overwhelmed and frankly quite depressed, the approach of Christmas and a holiday was one of the only things making sure I held it together. The New Year however has come with a big kick to the knees and I once again am feeling like utter poop.

So I have decided that I won't let it, no more tears, no more getting overly stressed and no more over thinking everything! I have already started trying to get my life back in order, I changed my birth control tablets, as the ones I was taking; Rigevidon a combination pill, were sending me absolutely crazy, and even though I don't particularly like my job, I am going to try and make it more of a positive aspect of my life. This blog is also going to be a new step in making positive changes in my life, with a new blog post to be written at least once a week!

So here goes, lets get out of this pit I have fallen into and start to feel the sunshine again.