Wednesday, 22 January 2014

2014 A New Year, a newish me

2013 was mad, I took my finals, graduated, moved to a flat in London, got a fantastic boyfriend and got a graduate job. It was busy, fun, exciting and hugely stressful. I was really hoping 2014 would get off to a more relaxed start, but unfortunately no.

For the last few weeks, shortly after I started my new job I have been feeling hugely overwhelmed and frankly quite depressed, the approach of Christmas and a holiday was one of the only things making sure I held it together. The New Year however has come with a big kick to the knees and I once again am feeling like utter poop.

So I have decided that I won't let it, no more tears, no more getting overly stressed and no more over thinking everything! I have already started trying to get my life back in order, I changed my birth control tablets, as the ones I was taking; Rigevidon a combination pill, were sending me absolutely crazy, and even though I don't particularly like my job, I am going to try and make it more of a positive aspect of my life. This blog is also going to be a new step in making positive changes in my life, with a new blog post to be written at least once a week!

So here goes, lets get out of this pit I have fallen into and start to feel the sunshine again.

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