Sunday, 29 April 2012

A year ago today

A year ago today, I was having a party, well not really, but the family and I did have a big bbq and I baked a massive cake! It was the Royal wedding, and the weather was beautiful! Which seems very hard to remember at the minute, with, what seems like constant torrential downpour in Leeds.So a year on from the marriage and they seem to have settled in pretty well. Kate especially seems to have taken to being a royal and the wedding has done wonders for the image of the royal family all over the world. So whats next for the happy couple? I'm hoping they start popping out some new, cute little royals, preferably a girl first since the commonwealth leaders agreed on an historic change to give sex equality in royal succession. In my opinion it was about bloody time!

Below are some pictures of my very British berry cake that I made to celebrate the wedding last year!
A union jack made out of berries!
The epic cake!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Interior design to inspirational speech

Yesterday I went to IKEA, I am a little bit obsessed with IKEA, every time I come home from Uni a trip to IKEA always takes place. Why? Well, I seem to have developed a passion for interior design, furniture, bed linen, cups, saucers, you name it, just house things. So much so that in the last few weeks of me going shopping mad, I have probably bought more things for my student house and room at home (including a ton of interior design mags) than anything else, like shoes clothes etc.

Yesterday I bought....

So as you can probably see there is a very distinct trend in everything I bought. There seems to be just a very small amount of flowers going on, only a small hint of course... who am I kidding! I think maybe I have gone floral mad! I just think it all looks so pretty!

In all honesty I am not quite sure what has happened to me, when I was growing up I was a complete tom boy, and then everything changed! People that have known me more recently would probably never believe that I was ever anything but the extremely girly girl I am now!

The picture above was my permanent state of dress! But in year 11 at senior school I changed, I began to love makeup, clothes, pink and flowers! However although I may have become more girly I still will muck into everything and am never afraid to get my hands dirty! I just love flowers and nail varnish and I am not ashamed of it!  I can be girly and not be looked down upon. Some people always want to put you in a box, to stereotype you. They seem to think that if you're girly you are shallow and thick, and I have to say I feel really sorry for those people. People are made up of many layers and just because you are girly doesn't mean that you can't be interested in politics or I don't know, wrestling! Just as if you are a manly builder you can also love baking cup cakes! The world is a wonderful place made up for all different sorts of people all of which should be embraced for their strange quirks and individualities!

So this blog took a strange twist of direction, but I am rolling with it! So my advice is, embrace what you love and don't be held back by what others think you of you!

Monday, 9 April 2012

New shoes!

Since I have been on my Easter holiday from Uni a lot of shopping has taken place. One of my favorite new buys is a pair of very pretty yellow pumps from Clarks!

I love these shoes! They are so pretty, and yellow seems to be very big at the moment. Not only are they cute, but they are Clarks shoes, which automatically mean they will be unbelievably comfortable! These cute summer pumps also come in navy blue and beige, but I  liked the yellow best, I plan to wear them with everything (I even have them on now, as I write this!)!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

In love... with Naked 2

About 2 weeks ago now, whilst out shopping, my mother decided to buy the Naked 2 palette. I had raved on about how much I loved the original Naked set of eye shadows that she thought it would be a good buy. I have to say I was unbelievably jealous! I was in fact so jealous that 2 days later I bought it for myself, even though at the time I had only about £50 quid to my name (and the palette costs £36). But I can't regret it, I love the new set of eye shadows!

The new selection is much more based on, in their words Taupe and Greige neutrals. I actually prefer it to the original Naked set. I find that this palette has more lighter shades, more suited to day to day wear (but it still can create any style from dark and smokey to neutral looks). However in truth I pick and mix from both of the sets when I do my makeup.

Another reason why I prefer the new Naked is the two-ended shadow brush that it comes with. The two ended brush has a shadow brush and a crease brush ( both made cruelty free) which are great for application of the shadows. The set also comes with a travel-size Lip Junkie Lipgloss in a lovely pink shade that will suit almost anyone!

The new metal case the palette has is another plus in its favor, the original set had a suedey exterior which for the life of me I cannot keep clean! So the new metal case is much more functional!

Overall I love the Naked 2 palette! I am very glad I spent the last of my limited funds on it!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's been a while...

Hello strangers! I am finally doing another blog post! It has been a month since my last, I have been so neglectful! However it is not completely my fault! For the last month I have had 4 coursework deadlines (all in one week!) and I have been at my granny and grandads house, where there is no internet! But now, I am finally home!

There have been so many things I have wanted to blog about, and I have done some serious shopping in the last few weeks ( I went a little mad to be honest!). So hopefully I will be able to sort myself out and get back to business, but I have got a ton of revision  to do (I have five exams in May, yay) and even more coursework (my life is so fun). So lets hope I can fit a few blog posts into the next few weeks! 

Anyhoo, Happy Easter!