Sunday, 29 April 2012

A year ago today

A year ago today, I was having a party, well not really, but the family and I did have a big bbq and I baked a massive cake! It was the Royal wedding, and the weather was beautiful! Which seems very hard to remember at the minute, with, what seems like constant torrential downpour in Leeds.So a year on from the marriage and they seem to have settled in pretty well. Kate especially seems to have taken to being a royal and the wedding has done wonders for the image of the royal family all over the world. So whats next for the happy couple? I'm hoping they start popping out some new, cute little royals, preferably a girl first since the commonwealth leaders agreed on an historic change to give sex equality in royal succession. In my opinion it was about bloody time!

Below are some pictures of my very British berry cake that I made to celebrate the wedding last year!
A union jack made out of berries!
The epic cake!