Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lust List

It is revision time again for me, I have had a ridiculous few weeks with 5 pieces of coursework and in just over a week the start of exams (I have 5!). So of course what am I spending my time doing? Procrastinating! And on my most recent trip of idle browsing I found a few dresses, that I am quite frankly in love with!

  1. Printed Belted Dress, £85 at Oasis 
  2. Frenchie Dress, £110 at Deadly Is The Female  
  3. Vera Dress, £75 at Deadly Is The Female 

So there is my little lust list! If only I could afford the beautiful dresses! I had never even heard of Deadly Is The Female until a friend recommended it! It has some beautiful clothes, all with a very vintage feel!


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  2. Thanks! They are so pretty!

  3. Since I messed up the first comment here goes for the second time.
    The dresses are fab especially the last two. They would suit you very well. You have always had expensive tastes my dear. Perhaps you could ask for money for your birthday and then get them then.