Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spring/Summer makeup!

Even though the weather in England has been pretty rubbish lately I still feel the need to have some amount of a spring/summer feeling in my life! One way I love to do this, is through my makeup!

Below are a few of my favorite looks at the moment!

1. The bright lip- this is probably one of my favorite of all the looks above! I just love bright lipstick! I think this is a great look if you don't want to wear a lot of makeup, but you still want to have a bit of a colour pop to your face!

2.Lilac Shadow- Lilac eyeshadow pretty much suits anyone, but you have to make sure that it looks young and fun, rather than granny! Keep the rest of your makeup paired down, or put with a bright red lip!

3.Fresh and Dewy- This is a great look if you don't like wearing a lot of makeup, it looks healthy and fresh, yet still polished.

4. Rosy Girl- my favorite look of the bunch, a nice rosy glow on the cheeks and lips, with a bit of subtle taupey shimmery shadow on the eyes! I love it, I think this makeup is perfect for almost any occasion, out for a walk, or out on the town!

I will be replicating all four of these different looks throughout the next few months as I love them all!

Tell me if there are any other good makeup looks that you like!


  1. These look very nice the purple eyes are for night time I take it. I think the Rosy one is a lovely look

    1. I think you could wear it in the day too if you want!

  2. i love all of these. i love the rosy look, but can never seem to perfect it!

    1. I know me neither! I don't think my skin is good enough to be honest! haha xx