Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY- Makeup brush Jars

I have a growing collection of makeup brushes, the problem is that I can never find them in my makeup draw/bag and they get mucky in with all my other makeup. So I decided I wanted to find some nice pots or jars to put them in. The only problem was I could not find any that I liked that weren't really expensive. So instead I bought some cheapy jars, that you can get hold of pretty easily and accessorized them up, to make them look cute!



So all I did was use some ribbon (my mum has loads of it, she is a constant crafter!) and tied it into a big bow, and then I used some little paper flowers and twisted them into the bows! It was very easy and cheap, yet I think it has made the jars look very pretty and they are just so practical! 

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