Monday, 25 June 2012

Hello all!
I have not blogged since before my field trip to Malham Tarn two weeks ago! A lot of things have happened since then, well not that many but it does feel like I have been busy. Malham was, despite my reservations, fantastic! It was a very hectic week, I held a bat, rung some birds (this means putting a little identification ring around their ankles, not strangling them) and did a project on two species of warblers territorial sizes and habitat preference. I learnt how to identify different birds by their song and identify endless plants. The week included getting up at around 5AM everyday and endless walking, but none the less it was great fun and endlessly interesting!

Below are a few pictures from the trip!

Baby great tit
Pipistelle bat

New born lambs (very late in the year for this)
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Malham Tarn itself

Following the trip, my laptop had to go in for some repairs, 2 years of picking it up by the screen has meant that the screen has nearly come off oops!! So I was not able to blog about the trip till now! In this last week I have been on a cup cake course (blog post to follow) and done something slightly drastic to my hair! But a Post on that shall have to wait!