Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cold busting Techniques!

Some of my housemates are coming down with colds and I am terrified, I hate colds! So I decided to make sure I put all my preventions in place to stop my self getting a cold! They are all pretty easy so here they are!
  1. Eat lots of fruit and veg, Iz (one of my housemates) made some super healthy soup, with a ridiculous amount of veg in it, lots of vitamins.
  2. Put lots of Ginger and Garlic in everything! Ginger is great for your immune and crushed garlic has allicin in it, which is produced when the garlic is crushed. Allicin encourages white blood cells to reproduce which boosts your body's defense system.

3. If you feel your throat getting sore make a honey and lemon drink, my mum has preached this drink ever since I can remember, but it does work, you could also put some ginger or turmeric in this too, it all helps!
4. Drink lots of water, I always imagine I am drowning all my germs! Stupid I know!
5. Get lots of sleep, if I ever get the feeling that I may be getting a cold, I go to bed super early! Sleep is one of the best ways to prevent a cold.

Stop that cold in it's tracks!


  1. You should also wipe handles, door knobs, stair rails, and other such surfaces that hands touch regularly and can transfer germs. It is said that non washing of hands is more responsible for colds than people coughing all over the place.