Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dressing up...

I love dressing up, whether it is dressing fancy for a night out or in layers of coats scarf and jumpers, but I especially love fancy dress! So when my housemate Sophie decided to do an Otely run for her birthday I was Ecstatic!

Now I imagine most of you don't know what an Otely run is, well it's a massive pub crawl which Leeds is famous for, and it requires that you dress up! Each Otely run has a theme, previous ones I have done are... 'you wouldn't start a night like this', animals, nerds, 'Vamps, Tramps and Zombie Pirates (my all time fave one), OAPs, occupations, the letter 'B' and white shirts (you take a marker pen and draw on each other).
Below are some pictures of me on previous Otely runs and other fancy dress moments...
Zombie Pirate
Angel of Death
White shirts!

Occupations (mad scientist)

So as you can see I have dressed up an number of times in my 2 years at uni! The theme to the up coming one is the letter 'S' (as its is sophies birthday), so anyone got any good ideas?


  1. The list is endless here we go:
    Spaceman,Scarecrow,Sarah Conner,Scarlett O'Hara.Superwoman, Spider,School girl. School teacher,Scientist, Slave, sailor.soldier.spy, snail,sprite.shark,sports fan.
    Gosh it could go on forever.

    1. I know, but none of them i get really excited about! xx

  2. I'm sure you'll come up with something great despite some frustration.

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