Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Love Story (Urban Decay)

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a bit of an obsession with makeup. Makeup is probably one of my favorite things to shop for, I love all the lipstick and eyeshadow and I have a whole draw dedicated to all my makeup!

My current makeup obsession is Urban Decay, which I first learnt about from a friend last year. Said friend had the ability to go clubbing, pass out in her bed, wake up still fully dressed, her hair a mess, but her makeup still almost perfect. This was amazing to me, so on one such day, (whilst I looked on with my serious post night out pander eyes) I asked her what her secret was. She told me about this Urban Decay makeup she had been bought, that came with an eyeshadow primer.

The amazing eyeshadow primer!
After learning about this miracle primer I invested in some myself and fell in love.I now have a growing collection of Urban Decay gear, including a few palettes (which come in a fantastic range and very pretty packaging) various primers, highlighters and makeup brushes.
A sample of my Urban Decay collection

For Christmas I was bought two of my favorite pieces of Urban Decay makeup, the Naked Palette and the Midnight Emergency set. I love the Naked set, it comes with lots of versatile eyeshadow colours, lots of bronzes, browns and pinky which are great for subtle day looks and can be vamped up for a great evening look. Another reason I loved this purchase was that it came with a small bottle of the eyeshadow primer potion and a fantastic makeup brush, all of this combined makes it one of my favorite pieces of makeup!

My second favorite piece of Urban Decay makeup is the Midnight Emergency set. It comes in a pretty zip up silver case which I love. It is small and the perfect size for most handbags which is great for any little makeup emergencies (perfect name hey!) The set comes with four great  eyeshadow shades, some pink glittery lip gloss and a makeup brush. I especially love the lip gloss, which comes in the shade, midnight cowboy, It really makes your lips tingle and tastes like spearmint!

Now that I have discovered my love for Urban Decay makeup I am turning all my family towards it, going with my mum, aunt and cousin for a little makeup spending spree over the holidays. The only problem is, is that Urban Decay do not have their own stores in England, or even an online store, so you have to depend on it being stocked in other shops, which can really limit your choice sometimes! None the less however, it, as of yet, has not stopped me spending my very limited funds on lots of makeup!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Yes I had on my post Christmas Urban Decay today and it was just great. Keep the message going old girl