Friday, 13 January 2012

Mood Board

So, as I have before mentioned, I am suffering through a period of exams. As crappy as that is, I have something that cheers me up whenever i need it.That something is my wall of happy! This wall is the backdrop to my desk, and so when I start loosing the will to live, I just have to glance up to get a big smile back on my face. 

This wall is full of all sorts of things that make me happy, photos of friends and family, pretty cards and one or two hot men (yum). It even has little trinkets, like the heart my cousin Clarissa made for me last year and a silly little plastic medal that we won at the zoo in the summer. All of these things remind me not to get too stressed, that soon enough this time will have passed onto something a hell of a lot more enjoyable!

So if like me you can become preoccupied with stressful things in your life, create something like I have, your very own pick me up! :)

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