Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New term, new me?

So the new term at uni finally started this last Monday, and surprisingly I am actually enjoying getting up early and being productive. This however is not always the case. I am by nature an excruciatingly lazy person, I don't want, nor intend to be, but I often find myself slipping into my lazy habits. I have found University sometimes difficult for this reason. If you want to do well, you have to be very independent, there are no text books you can learn off by heart that contain the whole syllabus, no one really cares about your attendance and there are no teachers or parents hassling you to work. So actually getting myself to do some work was a very difficult task.

I call what I have, the curse of the lazy ambitious person (many people I know have it), I want to do well and I know that I can, but I'm too lazy to ever get on with it. I then hate myself for not working hard enough. I get myself into this vicious circle of self disappointment, which in turn makes me less likely to get off my bum and do some work!

But I'm not going to sit here and whine about my problems, I am not often a self pitying person and I certainly don't appreciate the trait it in others. I am known in my house for giving the honest sometimes harsh truth, usually involving phrases like 'man up' and 'just get on with it'. So this post is mainly for myself, telling myself, and others like me, to start being more proactive and to grasp every opportunity that comes my way, instead of thinking 'I can't be arsed!' I am trying to loose the lazy part from my curse and instead just be ambitious!

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  1. just cause you have to, doesn't mean you need to <3