Friday, 20 January 2012

So it begins...

Hello lovelies! 

Yesterday I finished my exams!!! WOOOOOO!!! I had a surprisingly good exam and now, finally, I’m free! Since I no longer have to revise all day, I can go out again, dress up and dance until the early hours!

So I thought I would bring you along with me on the process of getting ready for my night out! Below is a beautiful (not!) shot of me after getting back from my exam, I have to say the major eye bags really suit me, no?

After I washed my hair, I used two of my new favorite products, Lee Stafford- Arganoil miracle heat defense spray and Arganoil nourishing miracle oil. They leave my hair feeling soft, healthy looking and shiny, and since I had decided to straighten the life out of my hair, it needed all the help it could get!

I decided to sweep my full fringe to the side for the night, and go to town on my hair with my straighteners. I prefer my hair curly or natural usually but when you go to a club it gets sooo hot and sweaty and my hair, with it being as thick as it is, ends up looking like a puff ball!

Finally I put all my slap on! I love makeup, and I have no end of it. My favorite brand is Urban Decay, and I own a lot of it! I used 'creep and 'gunmetal' from my Naked palette and some rimmel 'gold rush' shadow on my eyes, with my urban decay mascara. I prefer using bronzes and golds usually, I feel that they suit my colouring better, but I decided to go for something a bit different this time around!

So There is the finished product, off to paint the town red! I had a fantastic night, we went to a small club in Leeds called Wire, its a tiny little place and our group pretty much filled half of it! 

I hoped you enjoyed this little post, sorry at the poor quality photos, but I took them all on my web cam! Now I am going to go off back to sleep!