Monday, 16 January 2012

The tragic tale of the mug

This is a story about a mug, a mug that came to an untimely demise and is left as an empty shell of its former glory. This mug was purchased by me approximately a year ago in Urban Outfitters for about £10. Expensive for a mug I know, but it was an awesome mug…

The very same night I bought this mug, the block I lived in at uni had planned a group outing. The music was cranked up the beer pong table was brought out and the alcohol began to flow. I, being the extremely smart person that I am, decided that I should use my brand new mug to drink from on this fateful night. We all steadily got drunker, louder and of course a lot more clumsy and yet my mug was left unscathed.

A highly unattractive picture of me, with said mug.

We went and danced the night away returning at around 4:00 AM for cheese toasties in one unlucky persons flat. At this point my memory gets slightly hazier. I took my mug and went to return it to my own flat to keep it safe from harm. I put it on the kitchen counter, and as I went to turn to leave, knocked the mug onto the floor smashing it into pieces.  
I imagined I looked something like this, when I had seen what I had done

Instead of doing what any normal person would do, I decided now would be the best time to fix the mug, and so began the search for superglue. I managed to acquire some, from where I don't know. I stumbled back down to my own flat and proceeded to totter through my hallway singing at the top of my voice ‘SUPERGLUEEEEE, SUPEERRGLUUUEE!!!!’ Which pissed off numerous members of my flat.

Now superglue even at the best of times is a bit of a bugger to use, when drunk however it is a nightmare! I ended up with the mug stuck to my fingers, waving it around my room. I don’t know how I managed it, but in the morning I found the mug glued back together (quite well I might add) with only a few faint bloodstains on it. 

The mug now however drips, so can no longer be used as a tea mug. And so my once beautiful mug, now sits on my desk, as a very handy pen holder.


  1. Whilst not approving of drunkardness daughter . It's a most amusing blog

  2. Hey, lovely blog, I actually brought this cup a while ago for a friend and if you wanted to replace it with a non dripping one you can get it from Play for £5.99, here is the link :)

    Oh, and you can also get it as a tea towel! x

    1. Thank you! I have also seen it as a clock, I just love the sentiment! xx

  3. This is a lol-fest! Made me giggle. Yes that is an excellent mug. Although I want one that says 'i love spreadsheets' and 'WTF' on it. From Urban Outfitters also! xxx

    1. Thanks! They have so much great novelty stuff in Urban Outfitters! I love it! xx